The big drift

December 20

This week we have bashed around in the bush a bit more and found some awesome bowers of the bowerbird. But the holiday time is closing in and we have taken some time off to move our camp to a Red Rock, a wonderful, end of the road camping area on the edge of a tiny town. Our new neighbors are super friendly and inclusive. We have even been invited to Christmas dinner with a seafood motif!

At Red Rock a small headland and river separates the town from the Yurraygir National Park. The river is crystal clear over a clean sand bottom and the water rushes in and out four times a day with the tides. One pastime that people love to splash in is to walk over to the boat ramp during the outgoing tide and jump in. A quarter mile later one exits onto a sandy beach just before the flow meets the oncoming surf on the bar that spans the inlet. At times, one is carried quite swiftly by the current, at almost jogging speed! Some float with noodles, some not. Some drift with flippers, some not. Most keep their heads above water and just get mesmerized by the passing scenery, which there is no shortage of.

Happy Holidays!




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