How did it get to the middle of aisle 3?

November 13

Ah, the darn bowerbird machine! For starters, its been raining a bit over the last few days and no matter how smartly I design the machine to be waterproof, things happen. The glue comes apart, the eucalyptus bark warps and splits, the decorations deteriorate, or the bead gets stuck in the film of water in the bottom of the slot. And to top it all off, the bowerbirds might be afraid of the small yellow bits of pipe cleaners that I glue to the underside in order to deploy the colored bead (see previous post). My hunch is that the pipe cleaner, although only about half an inch long, reminds them of something poisonous, like a little snake or a venomous caterpillar. If that is the case, my design is sunk for that part of the mechanism is crucial for deployment. To design an entirely different way to log which decoration was chosen first will basically require going back to square one :-(

To keep my spirits up and give my brain a rest over such technical matters, I try and go surfing once a day. Lately, its been easy to do for the winds have cooperated here or there and I have caught some fabulous waves. This evening we were at the back beach and the waves were sizable and peaks were popping up everywhere. One had to be on one’s toes for it was hard to see over one peak to the next and determine more than a few seconds in advance what was actually coming! The coolest thing was seeing a dad give his little boy a push, a paddling push for it was deep, onto some 6′ faces and see the little guy rocket down and power off a few turns. They teach them early out here!

But I must leave with an even cooler tale that has to do with Sara’s lost wallet. A week ago she realized that she hadn’t seen her wallet in a couple of days so we got on the phone and called all the places that she might have left it. Unfortunately, the effort was fruitless. No wallet. After waiting a few days and watching our credit card transactions online to make sure no one was using the cards somehow, she decided to start the process of reporting them missing. But there were many nagging details to attend to, like what to do about a new drivers license, that she hadn’t gotten to yet. We had pretty much given up hope of ever finding it having turned our own car and camper trailer inside out!

Well, today, we had to buy some groceries at the IGA in Woolgoolga. This store had been on the list of places that we had called last week. I saw a manager in the back and asked him about it. He said that those kinds of things all go through him and to his knowledge no wallets had been recovered in the store in the last two weeks. Then we went to the checkout line. As I was swiping my card I asked the high school girl running the register if they had found any wallets lately. She looked at Sara and said, “Are you Sara?” Then she opened up a drawer and pulled out her wallet with everything in it. Now wasn’t that good news? But what makes this story special is that she then said, “I found it today lying in the middle of the floor in aisle “3”.” Wow! And we wonder where that wallet has been for the last 8 days and how it got to the middle of aisle 3…. Any thoughts?



One thought on “How did it get to the middle of aisle 3?

  1. bettyburch

    Why wouldn’t a string attached to the ball and the machine work instead of pipe cleaner? I’m glad you found Sara’s wallet but how strange where it was and where had it been for eight days!!! Anything missing or added? You were smart to keep on asking.


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