The Surfing Bowerbirds :-)

October 20

Favorable winds finally for an epic surf at a nearby beach called Sandy. Waves not big, but fun with some fast sections on the bar. Our buddy, Russ was out, as well as a few of his mates, and it was a friendly and memorable surf. Sara caught some big ones on her own, made the drops, and stuck the rides to the inside! By the time we got out and hung out with folks at the car park it was almost 11:00! So we aborted our previous plan to drive straight into the forest, and went home for a bit of lunch and a break.

I started recording the chirp, chirp of the yellow robin by using a spectrogram. This turns the song into a visual record, with time and frequencies. I am curious if the song, when sung deep in the forest, will show the same “fingerprint” as a song sung in the scrub near the coast. To penetrate the forest I’d suspect the song might have a different construction and maybe operate at slightly higher frequencies. Birds after all, want their song to be heard far and wide by other birds.

After lunch we drove off into the forest to run the trap line of blue plates. Fairly quiet in there today. We did set a few more plates about and I added another radio transmitter at a location in which a decoration had gone missing. So now we have two transmitters in the forest. They are not that close to one another so hopefully I won’t get their signals crossed if they get stolen by a bowerbird! On the way out, in the car, we distributed some of our letters to landowners. I’d tie the letter to the fence or gate, or stuff it into their mailbox if they had one. We stopped down the track a bit and a car soon pulled up behind us. He was from a property that we had given a letter! Same think happened again a few minutes later! So hopefully, these friendly folks will be able to help us out.



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