Roo Burgers!

October 19

Saturday, spitting rain, slept in a bit and organized our camp. Drafted a few posters to put up in surf shops and general stores about our appeal for knowledge of bowerbird bower locations. Also drafted a personal letter to put in people’s mailboxes along bowerbird habitat that we drive through every day. We shall see how that all pans out.

After lunch, the weather cleared and I took off in the car to run the “trap line” of blue plates and blue decorations. I was especially eager to check out one on what we call the spur road for the day before, a decoration was missing and so I placed a radio transmitter instead. I was looking for a thief! Too bad for me. After hiking in about 30 minutes to this farthest drop off location, the radio was still sitting exactly where I’d left it. No real news with the other plates either. Just another day on the job!

I finished off the day with a short swim in the ocean out front with my board shorts, one swim flipper that I found, and my wooden hand plane that I brought from the States. The surf was a bit big and mixed up, and the wind was blowing a bit, plus I was getting sucked around a bit by a rip current. I did manage to catch a few good ones body surfing, especially a memorable left in which I traveled a bit down the line on the shoulder of the wave. Then after cleaning up a bit I cooked up kangaroo burgers! They are pretty lean, but make a tasty sandwich :-)


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