Bingo, got one!

October 18

Surfing seems to be a priority when the waves are nice. Such was the case today for the hurricane force winds of yesterday did an abrupt turnaround during the night; this morning they were nuclear in strength, but coming from the other direction. Get that! Some locals tell us that the winds are crazy these days and they think climate change is to blame. In any case, we tucked in behind a different headland and surfed in the fun, waist high waves with stiff offshore winds. At times, it was challenging to paddle into the wind and make the drop, but we all caught a bunch of great little waves and had a lot of fun. Our buddy, Russ, met us there for he is always keen for a surf with friends and seeing as how Friday was his day off, I was glad the wind and waves cooperated.

From the beach we headed up to the forest where yesterday, we had left a radio transmitter for a bowerbird to steal. This one had been placed on a stump at the edge of a dirt road where we had been leaving decorations whenever we were driving by that way. They almost always disappeared and it was no different with the radio. Today, it was gone! Yahoo, the chase is on. So we unpacked the antennae and receiving unit and right away heard the beep, beep, beep coming from the missing radio. It was somewhere downslope in a logged over area and the lantana shrubbery was dense. I was loathe to go down in there again for I had tried it once on a blind goose chase and after a half hour of snake scaring and bush whacking I’d given up.

Today was different for I was not blind and it was not a goose I was after. This time I was equipped with the technology to hone in on Mr. Bowerbird’s little love shack. I grabbed a walkie talkie so I could communicate with Sara while I went under. It felt a little bit like I was getting ready to go SCUBA diving, but without the water. After not more than 50 feet I came to a bit of an old logging road and so the going was much simpler. The signal of the transmitter was getting stronger and stronger. Bingo, within minutes I’d found what I was looking for! Sadly, I had walked within 50 feet of this site a month ago, but that was when I had very little information to go on other than having seen a black male bowerbird in the vicinity. Technology wins out.

We finished up the hunting session by checking the dozen blue plates and soda straws that we’d deployed here and there yesterday. At the last site, furthest into the rainforest, low and behold, a straw was missing from the plate! Yippee again, I hope. I took the remaining soda straws and left a big fat blue straw instead, stuffed with one of our radio transmitters. Perhaps the bowerbird will come back today and steal that! If so, then its probably a done deal. But don’t get to over-confident I tell myself. Only tomorrow will tell for sure.



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