Back burning

October 15
Returned to the coast by way of a back track of dirt; 20 kilometers. Pulling the camper trailer wasn’t so bad but wow did things inside get bounced around a bit! Must remember to pack it well when on the road. Turns out we are getting fairly good gas mileage while pulling it, but it all depends on which way the wind is blowing or how many mountains one must drag the beast over. Over long stretches of road, the mileage is just a little bit worse than if you were doing lots of starting and stopping, city driving.

The neatest thing about the final 20 k’s was that crews had just finished some back burning along one side of the road. There was a bush fire up the mountainside which was causing a bit of alarm. The crew went out at night to manage the back burn for the fire burns cooler at night, I guess. So the forest on one side of the road was still smoking, up slope as far as I could see. Little trees and shrubs had gotten toasted, but the fire never made it into the canopy of the majority of the forest trees. This charred area would act as a fire break if the bush fire happened to head that way. Had we known that our little road would be taking us through still smoking habitat, I think we might have taken the paved road for I was dreading the prospect of meeting real flames and having to find a spot to back up with trailer and turn the whole mess around!



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