The Turquoise Parrots!

October 13
Our last morning of the burn survey turned up a marvelous birthday look at turquoise parrots, probably one of the most vibrant and colorful birds I’d ever seen. We had ventured into a badly burned bowl behind a ridge that was waist deep in purple wild flowers and other luxuriant herbaceous vegetation. Despite the desolate look to the place for all the standing dead trees, there must have been excess ground water making its way to the surface to provide the needed moisture for the flowers. It was a haven for birds.

Besides the parrots mentioned we also saw budgerigars up close and adorable. These are the standard parakeet that you’d find in a pet store. They are the green and yellow ones, sometimes blue and white because of selected breeding. In the wild they are simply adorable, all perching tight together in the same bush or settling to the ground in a collection to forage for whatever parrots of this type eat. There were plenty of other cool birds in this hotspot, but I shan’t be boring, but will mention the crimson chat!

Back in Tooraweenah we had a relaxing afternoon organizing our stuff and filling electronic files and basically getting ready for an early departure in the morning. We celebrated with red wines and cards at the outdoor table until the threatening storm with million mile per hour winds and bolts of lightning forced us around a tiny table in one of the cabins. Bush fire alerts were up all over the New South Wales coast region for 100 kilometer hour winds were likely and the probability of fires getting out of control something to worry about. Very glad we were not trying to drive away in the afternoon through all of this powerful display of nature!



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