The Southern Cross leads us home

October 11
Caught another female Antechinus loaded with babies not to far from the one I caught the previous night. Perhaps it’s the same animal, now hooked on peanut butter. As I made my way down the trap line I shook out any stale peanut butter from each trap and paced them up for transport to the new site which was thoroughly burned in last January’s fire. It should be interesting to compare our animal surveys between the three different sites, not burned, mildly burned, and extremely burned. The danger sign for fire potential kind of says it all, check out the image.

Been doing a fare amount of driving around to complete the survey for the park. Out here people think nothing of driving for half an hour up a bumpy dirt road to get somewhere. Each day that we have been here, we beat it back to the tiny town mid morning to hang out during the heat of the day from the sun. And it is not even the first day of summer yet!

As before, around 3:00 we headed up to the last study site to set up the traps and nets. Had plenty of time before the sun set to get everything set away and check the area for birds. Then nighttime came, we sat around waiting for bats to connect with one of the traps. Finally, pulled out of there by about 10:00 heading towards the Southern Cross low in the backwards sky.


Check out the YouTube video of the Antechinus!


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