Messing about in camp

September 29
Decided the best use of our time was to take the day off from the rainforest. So we met our friend Russ at Sandy Beach and surfed a bunch of clean, waist high waves. The water is so clear that one has trouble sometimes seeing the actual wave face as it reforms in the shallows. One loses the 3-D advantage and has to rely on the feel of the board interacting with the surface to know how to control it.

For lunch we came back to camp. I worked on several wooden camera jigs for our next round of projects while Sara caught up logging in some field notes. I am building one device that holds the camera, aims it straight up, to take a picture of the forest tree canopy. Understanding how light and sky influence the construction of the bower and the distribution of blue decorations is fascinating to me. The other jig also holds the camera, but points it straight down to capture an image of the bowerbird’s straw mat where he leaves his stash of colorful decorations. More on these two projects in a subsequent post.



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