Snake aware!

September 28
Got up early and spent the morning up at Sherwood looking for bowerbirds of course! Had some good action but unfortunately no actual bowers. It is very difficult tramping around, trying to be vigilant about snakes all the while.

The red bellied black snake is very venomous, but timid. I think they scurry away when someone approaches. But the brown snake I hear is a different matter. They are also venomous, can be massively long, but are also aggressive and may even chase a person. I do not want to see one of these snakes! So as I creep through the rainforest I usually have a stick and I lightly tap it in front of me as I go. I think the stick is an extra warning for a snake that a person is coming. I hope they share my logic.

So we heard bowerbirds here and there, but the sounds of spring courtship still seem not to frequent for our liking. In the dense forest the birds, ideally, would be going bonkers making all kinds of racket at their courtship bowers. That would really help us track them down. If you hear a single “falling call” it could be from a bird that is not really near its bower. On occasion, we take something simple like that as a sign and cautiously creep off the forest trail in pursuit only to be thwarted in our quest. Tramping around the forest, using plain brute force is really kind of silly and not very efficient. Hopefully in a few weeks, as spring takes a bigger hold of the area, the birds will actively pursue their courtship maneuvers at their bowers and we can better find them!

We spent the afternoon around the campground and pursued a bit of surfing. But the wind was on it and there were better things to do.



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