September 27

Another slow day on the bowerbird front despite a concerted effort to check out the great looking habitat surrounding the Woolgoolga cemetery. Very few sounds or sights of bowerbirds, even when observing the good looking bower that we found nearby just the other day. Pretty much quiet, like yesterday.

Yesterday we had strongish north winds, while today, the winds were coming out of the south. I had wondered if wind direction could make a difference in terms of how vocal and apparent bowerbirds might be. Apparently not! Hopefully, the bowerbirds are taking a few weeks off to go fatten up on berries and bugs in preparation for a busy bowerbird breeding season. That is the only logical conclusion that I can make.

On the other aspects of camping in the Australian bush, well, its hardly bush these days for we are staying at a very nice caravan park with hot showers, pool, common kitchen areas, and lots of activities for the many kids afoot for it is in the middle of one of their spring breaks. Life is pretty easy especially when you throw in a good surfing session like the one we had at Sandy Beach this morning before we got into the bowerbird swing of things. I think tomorrow we will pay the price, skip the surf, and head straight into Sherwood Nature Reserve in hopes of seeing more bowerbirds than we did yesterday!


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