Plum tuckered out!

September 25
Lots of camp stuff to do before eight in the morning. Like moving our entire home to an another campsite. This gave us some needed practice of putting the roof down and then up, towing the trailer with the car, reinstalling the wonderful annex, things like that. Then zoom, off to Coffs Harbor for we had to have the car equipped with an electric brake controller. That took all day and so we did the circumnavigation of the Coffs Creek watershed, along a nice track, looking for bowerbirds. We found two, one of which was new or at least it was in a new location from three years ago. No more than a couple hundred feet as the bowerbird flies, but it was on the other side of the creek this time. The other was in the same spot as before and so finding it was not too much of a surprise.

Despite five miles of walking through much excellent habitat, we only heard a few bird calls but did not find any more bowers. That was a little bit of a disappointment. We got plum tuckered out! Fortunately, we stopped for groceries on the way back to Emerald Beach and bought a roasted chicken and so dinner was a snap! Bedtime felt good and came on the early side :-)



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