Surfing or science?

September 21
The morn was action packed with beautiful waist high waves peeling in at Arrawarra Headland. Very friendly crowd about, sharing waves, swapping stories. Winds were favorable; in hindsight I wish we’d have stayed all day!

Then we headed up above Sherwood Nature reserve to a probable bower site. We’d seen birds there before. After an hour of observations I took the plunge and suited up in my anti snake and tick gear. The going was rough for the lantana shrubbery was intense and thick. I could not go through it, but had to work my way down under a leading rainforest edge on the left side of the thicket. So I crept amongst big hoop pine and other rainforest trees, periodically poking my way into the lantana. I am pretty sure that is where his bower is but after a solid half hour I had to make a break for the roadside and the car. I could of thrashed my way around there forever and still not have found the bower. We need more observational time to watch and nail this one down. Perhaps a set of brush loppers would come in handy.




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